About the Plympton Bulldogs Junior Soccer Club


Plympton Bulldogs Junior Soccer Club was established in 1999, starting out with 3 teams consisting of approximately 40 players.


In 2014 our numbers grew exponentially to field 11 teams with approximately 160 players.


We have players from all walks of life including boys and girls, and we pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive atmosphere. Initially our club aimed to include all players and ensure that anyone who wished to play soccer could do so. This saw an unprecedented level of growth within our junior club. Unfortunately, our significant success in growing our club resulted in teams having to move to alternative training facilities and having a significantly reduced number of home games. As a result of this and due to space restrictions, the Junior Soccer club commenced a Trial system for all age groups of U12 and up from season 2015.


Each year we hope to field teams in all junior age groups between U8 and U17.


Our mission is to provide young people with quality soccer coaching in an inclusive and supportive environment in which player development, safety and well-being are our main concern. 


We will achieve this by providing coaches who have strong soccer backgrounds and are FFA accredited, coaching from the FFA National Curriculum, and provide a family friendly environment that encourages fair play.



•ENJOYMENT AND FUN for players, coaches and parents
•PERSONAL SKILL BUILDING whatever the age of the individual
•DEVELOPMENT OF THE TEAM SKILL LEVEL to promote and encourage team work and team spirit
•DEVELOPMENT OF COACHES. All of our coaches will be supported with consistency and continuity of training by the Club’s Coaching        Director and will be offered professional training and accreditation with the FFA. Coaches are also provided with the FFA Coaching              Curriculum to ensure all players are coached with the same principals throughout their years at Plympton.
•TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Teaching of team formations, rules and match day strategies.
•GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. This applies to all players, coaches and spectators alike.
•EDUCATION IN HEALTH & SAFETY. Players will be encouraged to understand the importance of warming up properly and following a  healthy diet.
•FAMILY ENVIRONMENT. All family members are welcomed all the time and encouraged to participate in the running of the club.



Currently, as we do not have any senior teams in the State League our junior teams are restricted to the State League.


Our vision for the future is to enter an A team, Reserves team and Under 18 team into the State League One competition for seniors, which will allow our juniors to enter teams into the Junior Premier League, offering stronger competition than the State League can offer.


We are currently trying to determine how this can be facilitated in the future.


This provides a pathway and opportunity for all junior players to continue their soccer career with Plympton Bulldogs throughout all age groups.