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Trials / Come & Try

Trials and Come & Try sessions are run in September / October each year for the season to commence the following March / April.


U8 - U11 age groups do not need to trial, they instead attend a Come and Try session.


All players in age groups of U12 - U17 are required to attend all trials, unless during the process they are notified by email that they have been unsuccessful.  


The current coach for your child’s age group will run drills to determine your child’s ability to listen, focus and follow instructions, as well as any natural soccer ability, and they will be assisted by the coach of a different age group to provide a second perspective.  After this trial, coaches will meet with the committee to determine who will be selected to attend the second trial.  You will then be notified via email prior to the next trial if your child has not been successful this season, and request that they come out and try again next season.


The same process will occur following the second and third trial, and if your child is successful through all three trials you will be invited to come and register. 



The Under 12 – Under 17 age groups are  more competitive age groups, with games played on a full pitch, scored and played for premiership points.  Due to the competitive nature of these games, the majority of children looking to play soccer at Plympton are in these age groups and due to a lack of space we are forced to run trials for these age groups.


When choosing to play soccer, your child has chosen to participate in a team game. There is an expectation that you will commit to a full season of soccer, both for training and matches.  


Other than sickness and illnesses, please think carefully if your child cannot train or play on any particular day and let the coach know as soon as possible. Attendance is the key to team consistency and failure to attend is disrespectful to their teammates, the coach and our Club.



The Under 8 – Under 11 age groups are called MiniRoos.  


The focus of these age groups is to develop skills, encourage sportsmanship, and have fun playing soccer.  They play on a smaller pitch and play shorter games of approximately 40 – 50 minutes.  As such these teams do not score their matches and are not playing for premiership points.  


As these age groups are not about competition, we hold a Come and Try session for these children to come and have a go at soccer and see what they think. You will not be required to formally register at the come and try, you will be notified of the registration date via email in the week following the come and try session.


Please note however that there is limit to the number of players we can accept in these age groups, and preference will be given to returning players.  If we cannot accommodate your child in these age groups this season, we will direct you to either the MiniRoos Kick-Off program, school soccer or another club with vacancies to ensure your child is able to play this great game in some capacity.